giovedì 26 maggio 2011

Message to mom.

I'm going to tell you all the things in my life that have never left my thoughts. When I was thirteen years old I begin to realize that I wasn't like all my friends, they were all into guys and I wasn't. Thirteen was the very age that I began to find my true self. Thirteen was the age when you told me that the worse thing that could happen to one of your children was if they turned out to be gay. Thirteen was the age when I could no longer say I love you.  I'm lesbian. My first love was a girl and i'm still in love with that girl, do you remember Anna,that girl who liked you so much? So it hurts me to hear that you would rather me be a murderer than be what I truly am.

So be sad all you like,i hope you'll understand that no man will ever make me feel the way that my girfriend does. The love i feel for her is just as real as love a man may feel for a women. Welcome to reality.

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  1. asa`i bine atzi venit in pus punctul pe I here ...>:D< apreciere dak e de la mie pf face tot:-":)):x te iubesc