giovedì 16 giugno 2011

I will never say Good-bye to us.

Ahhh, I dont know how to express what I feel, feel the thrill every time I remember us,why when is  talking about love  mention your name? What have you done to me? I'm so  stuck on you. I cant get you out although I tried..
If you say ' i love you' i will answer back ' i love you too' because is what i feel, you made me who I am with good and bad parts  and may regret the way we lost but never regret what we have. For you, little one was most special,more special than that could not, i have your name tattooed on my heart.

Hey you! Yes you, you need me as much as I need you ? Hey you! do you, remember us? always wondered what you think of when you hear my name, or what you think when your eyes meet mine. Hey you! Yes you, I meant as much as you meant for me? I was the reason of your smile? I was special? Please tell me that was true.

I swear in our quiet moments, I felt that even if the sky will fall, I will not care, because i had on you. In those moments you were the center of my universe, you were, I would sincerely like to beI can't forget what we have, was the huge size, the explosion of feelings and sensations that I had every time I touched you can't be expressed in words. You can compare with  the elixir of life and death goddess Kali, because you give me life  and  at the same time that killed me inside. You killed my soul can't feel anything for another girl.

There are person who tell me ' someday you will found a girl who make you cry as  you do with girls' and i answer 'no my dream girl is gone'

Honestly I miss you , and hurt so much, I want you to know that hurts, even I know that you don't  care. I remember the day last station, you began to cry like a child, you did not want me to go, either. I would have liked one more moment with you. Only 5 minutes to kiss and say i love and no matter what happened i will alway love you.

 I will never say Good-bye to us.

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