domenica 24 luglio 2011

And this is for you ♥

You're that type of person who can make me smile, who can make my bad days get better. ♥ I have to thank you for all the advice, for all the quotes you tagg me on,for every smile you bring on my face, for our stupid * uhuhuh*, for our passion for 'sex bomb/bum' for all the shit we talk about, for being part of my life and make me stay strong.

- I hate when you're sad, i'd die to see you pretty eyes crying, i hate when you feel like you're

 useless and i can't be there to prove you're not. Just remember it  you're amazing, gorgeous,

interesting and no boy/girl deserve your tears.

So i want you to promise me that you will e always with a big smile on face because baby 

you're all i have,  you worth everything's good in the world. 

- Just look how beautiful and innocent you are, i know you're not so innocent but you look

 like one, i mean you seem a kid, and i love you so much.

It hurt that you're not here, and i feel weak when i can't help you.

P.S - don't forget to keep always your smile on face.

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