martedì 19 luglio 2011

I'm about to vomit.

When the world has become a place so disgusting? I mean i see everyday people who say ' i love you' and don't mean a shit, person cry, suffer, and say I love you when you're just a fun or maybe they are afraid that they will not find another one. People i don't really understand you , you all make me sick, i always say that maybe i'm just a fool or an alien or something like. This world disgust me, make me wanna vomit, all this gossip, ugly words, people who talk and talk about you without knowin' a hell. I'd like to go somewhere far far away far from this shit,  far from this people, far from this place. Who would not like?
hmm yeah let's see.. " I love you " in this days don't mean a shit, " i will never hurt you" biggest lie, " i need you" well not because i really need you just i feel lonely in this moment, "i can't live without you" without me ? prove to live without oxygen, " im in love with you"  the truth is that im not in love just i dont know what to do and i just say it, " i don't mean to let you down" yeah yeah i'm sure about it and bla bla that's all words but how about proves ?
World is bullshit and then they say to me to love sincerly, yes i love but if i don't have someone to love, i tell you amigo you don't have, this world is full of sluts, stupid kids who don't know what they want, players and that's all. There's nothing out there for you kid, nothing for a good soul like you.

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  1. tutto ciò ke c'è scritto qui è vero, hai ragione su tutto!