mercoledì 7 settembre 2011

Dear mommy

- What you know about love ? Tell me.. nobody look at you the  way she look at me, no one kiss you the way she kiss me, no one tell you all that beautiful words that she tell to me. How can you tell that isn't love, when you don't know what love is. Tell me how can you say this is wrong when that is the only thing that make you daughter happy, that make me smile. I tell you is is not wrong, is not is the best damn thing that could happen to me, and i won't let you ruin this just because you have no idea how is to love someone. " I love her, with my entire heart, with every breath i take i miss his arms around me and if you can't understand that she's the one who make me so happy i am truly sorry".

 I always think that you will love me the same even if i do stupid things, i don't say that being gay is a stupid thing.. just well i think that you will accept that. I used to think that no matter what i am, what i do i will always be your baby. Maybe you don't know.. the way i  fell i am not that type who get upset and cry but it hurt me, even if you will never know. But sincerly i don't care if you love me now the same or if you're disappointed, i am who i wanna be and i am proud of being gay.

  And for all the homophobic out there, you all can suck my dick, even if i don't have one.

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