mercoledì 7 settembre 2011

For everything.

Here's to the nights that turned to mornings & to the friends that turned to family.

For getting drunk with me, with one single beer, for saying that i am beautiful when i feel useless, for call me to say something and forget what you want to say, for telling me all the shit you did, for make me always smile, for every time we go out, for every stupid joke that i said and you laugh, for that time when you eat on street,  for trying to teach me how to swim, for listen all the shit i did with all these stupid girl who believed me, for helping me to keep calm when i have to go out with the girl i like.
For all these thing that you do for me sincerely THANK YOU.

Yeah and for you trying to make me a lady i mean trying to teach me how a lady walk, dress and speak. Yes thank you even if i will never  be that way.

- I want you to know that you deserve the best damn thing in this world, and not because you mean so much to me, because you're amazing the way you are.

- Stay the same, i love you.

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